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Ian Copeland has been an important key in the success of the Police, but most of all, he has been a major key for spreading the verb of good music in the Eighties! Ian was the first manager to promote UK indie bands in USA at the end of the Seventies, when punk exploded in England and when the Police failed to succeed in their homeland with the first singles; Ian, who was already working in the music business helping brother Miles on the other side of the ocean, got asked to plan a tour for the Police, having a small club circuit knowledge; the Police embarked on their first US tour at the end of 1978, and after the succesful response, Ian could plan a second tour in March/April 1979...then it's history!

Ian was born in Damascus, Syria, and his life as a teenager has always been an adventure, a great adventure to tell the truth; this is what comes out from 'WILD THING' the book he wrote about his life, filled with music, Vietnam war experience, but most of all the freedom to be himself, like the true spirit of rock'n'roll. Ian now owns the Backstage Cafè in Los Angels, a restaurant and pub where insiders of the music biz, people who love to hang around breathing the atmosphere of 'the backstage', and people who love the music use to spend some hours eating, drinking and listening to good music! I think the best thing to do is to leave Ian speak for himself, getting a few snippets from his incredible book I would suggest everybody to read!

A few words to start : foreword to 'Wild Thing'
Wild Thing : the book - a few information about the main chapters
Interviews : read what Ian had to say about his job!
Bands: a list of artists Ian worked with, and some information about
Picture gallery : images of Ian

And don't forget to pay avisit to the Backstage Cafe in Los Angeles; you won't miss Ian specialities and breath the real backstage atmosphere; you might also have the chance to witness great bands playing live !!!

The staff from has been invited to the Italian premiere of The Bellydance Superstars performance in Milan on September 23rd, 2004, the latest Miles Copeland project. An amazing show, that captures the attention of a public shocked by the talent, energy and performance of 14 beautiful bellydancers from USA. The music ranges from arabic sounds to dancey European beat, crossing middle-eastern vibes and meeting influences from Spain and Hawaii in a couple of performances. Colours and rhythms meet the incredible energy out of the bodies of the dancers with such an incredible ability that captures the imagination of the audience.

Miles has always been considered the fourth member of the Police (or the first?), a major key into the story of the band. Brother Stewart never asked him to help the band in the early days, even if every manager failed to succeed with the Police project. When Miles dealed with Nigel Gray (owner of a small London studio) to have a special fare for the recording of an album, The Police got the chance to record 'Outlandos D'Amour'; the setlist included 'Roxanne' and when Miles listened to the demo of the song, his comment was: "Guys, you've just written a classic!" Miles took the tape and went immeditely to A&M offices, where he just dealed on the Squeeze album release; the Police manager asked them to release the record, he could take care about marketing, tour and promotion and offered a deal the record company couldn't refuse! Thanks to brother Ian, living in the USA, the Police embarked on their first US tour in October 1978, and even if life wasn't that easy on tour, sometimes pushing a van or playing two shows in one day, the sound of The Police started spreading through the radio circuit in the USA.

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