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Mary, Italy
I'm 40 Stewart! Will I ever see you again playing or not?

Stephan Holler
Hi Giovanni Pollastri, some weeks ago I got the CD/DVD through my dealer here in germany. Now I´m a enthusiastic listener of Orchestralli and decided to publish some notes about it an my website You can find a link to the text directly on the homepage. Sorry, it´s in german only. Hopefully you have contact to Stewart Copeland and the people of ponderosa to let them know. It´s realy a great piece of work.

Dave Destin, Florida
Stewart, Your music, like a fine Italian wine, has gained it's own unique character and taste over the years. Your music is not something to be gulped down purely for it's immediate affect, but rather one should savor the flavor of its intricate and weighty style, not unlike Bartok. I for one have been an admirer of your music for many years, even your far less known days of Curved Air. In many ways you are truly ahead of your time. I often thought Paul Simon stole your thunder, when he used indigenous African music to lay down his tracks for his Graceland album, not unlike you did on the Rhythmatist Soundtrack. The Police going their separate ways was not necessarily a bad thing. Oh, I was a fan alright, but I wonder if the band was still together, would we have heard any of the unique and wonderful Copeland creations since? I think not. p.s. Great website Giovanni!

Rich Gowman, Canada
Hi Stewart.I was listening again to some of the live Police I have, and thinking that it would be cool to see the Police reunite to tour. I have seen your comments regarding this idea in several live videos, and that all it would take it for Sting to come around. Sting seems to think that "it has been done, we've moved on, why do it again?" I agree, you have all moved on and accomplished many things, but nothing has ever had what the Police had. That chemistry created amazing music. The fact that 3 guys came together out of different backgrounds and made amazing music harkens back to a band from the late '60's. The Jimi Hendrix Experience had 3 guys with different musical backgrounds come together and revolutionize music as we know it. The Police also did this. I also think you must not take your part in the Police too lightly. Were it not for your style of drumming, the band would not have been what it was. Ditto for Andy; were it not for his creativity in the guitar dept., the band would have had less lustre. So, as a team, you were great. And, with the lack of quality in today's pop music, the Police would again be refreshing to see and hear. All the best. Do you ever visit Canada? Do you do drum clinics? We would love to have you at Sherwood Music in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Gaia, Italy
Hy Stewart. I went to Auditorium in Rome to saw "la notte della Taranta". An incredible concert, every musician was and increbible professional: the people that played tambourine, the pianist, the percussion instruments, you and the other drummer, so everybody. At the end the peolpe danced everywhere, the music draged everyone on the floor to dance as if by magic, and I hope the the magic'll be happen again and you'll come in Rome to play drum one more time. I play the iano and I'm still plyng it (probably I'll play the piano forever) and sometimes I arrange some little piece over your accompaniment with drum so I hope to listen you playing drum live. Good work

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