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Stewart would like to say thanks to all the enthusiastic fans
that were at the Taranta concerts in July!

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BELLYDANCE SUPERSTARS, considered by Stewart himself his official website,
will bring you all the information you may need to know about Stewart Copeland, about what he has given to the music, not only as one of the finest drummers of all times!

From the early Seventies, 'till now ... to the future! Read on the news section to discover what he's up to, check the discography pages to know more about every release that brings his name, follow the rhythm patterns to read about technical equipment, and discover the great world he lived in with brothers Miles and Ian!

Don't hesitate to contact me (the author) to add information, to modify the written one or to give contributions with pics, lyrics, interviews, curiosities and suggestions.

This is Giovanni Pollastri from Milan, Italy, where I was born and grew up to the sound of a concrete big city! Music has always been (and still is) the way to live my life as I wanna live it, on the road or on stage, at school or at work! Rock'n'roll is a way of living, not only a series of guitar chords! The first live music event I had the chance to see was in the early Seventies, to a park nearby, where the biggest Italian Music Festival with Prog-Italian bands (PFM where at the peak of their career) took place; I was 5 years old and my parents brought me there to 'enjoy the party'. It took me some days to realise I wanted to have my own first drumset, that they gave me as a Christmas gift! I was in heaven!

Those were the years I spent following the rhythmic patterns of Led zeppelin, Deep Purple, Grand Funk Railroad and listening to Bowie, Beatles and Rolling Stones; that gave my music culture a rock attitude since the age of 8 or 9; guess what I used to draw while at school? Stages, with all the cables and lights, with musicians and their instruments (I didn't realise what a bass was anyway - I ended up being a bassist player at the age of 20)!

Growing up I used to listen to lots of different bands and music, from Italian pop to Uk british bands, from US rock to world music from every corner of the planet! My sisters and my parents used to have lots of records for themselves and I used to follow their 'tastes', but at the age of 12 I started listening to more music on tv and on the radio, and one day I was shocked by a band on tv, whose clip 'Message In A Bottle' was amazing and I realised that was perfectly what my mind needed! 'The Police' were becoming succesful in Italy, and I remember the day they played in Milan for the first time (April 2nd, 1980), but I had no chance to go and see them! I simply just waited 1982 to catch them live, in Milan (July 4th, 1982) and the result is I am a musician now!

I got a new drumset the same year, got my first acoustic guitar a few days later, learned all the chords of every Police song in a few months, as well as KK solo recordings, started writing my own stuff in a couple of years, jamming with bands into rock, blues, jazz, r'n'b, and asked to join a band as bassist player in a few years to play standards by people like James Brown, Aretha Franklyn, Ray Charles and many others!

Life was becoming harder after school and a job as a tour operator (I studied to become travel agent) gave me the chance to travel all around the world to see hotels and touristic villages, but at the same time this gave me the chance to see concerts everywhere, get in touch with other music cultures and building my own experiences all around this wonderful planet!

Life changes and I became one of the main buyers at the Virgin Megastores in Italy (Music Stores), followed by a few jobs in the music biz as consultant for labels, music stores and musicians; at the same time I kept on working as a musician and this made me sign to EMI in 2001 with a single (a dance track) that gave me the chance to listen to myself in the radio for the first time! Every now and then I've been asked to join musicians on stage to 'play' for some Italian tv shows (piano player for Geri Halliwell, bassist player for Joe Cocker, guitar player for Alex Lloyd). The music of the Police has always been a great support, an incredible soundtrack of my life that keeps on living by my side; my collection of Police records, including Stewart Copeland solo releases, as well as Andy Summers and Sting own projects, is one of the most precious thing I own, even if I never payed more than I could afford to buy a rare release!

I met Stewart Copeland for the first time in 2001 and this site was my personal gift for his 50th Birthday. I've been running the Police Italian Fanzine, called Illegal Tales, since 1988, and the idea to work on a Stewart Copeland site came to my mind some years ago, but never had the time to work on it properly. Here it is....

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